Monday, November 12, 2007


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

growing up weeks 26, 27, & 28 (6 month edition)

Dear Gideon,

Just under three weeks ago you turned six months old. I know, I know...what the hell am I doing writing this three weeks later? The truth is, I just haven't found the time. You are so incredibly important to me that I want to spend every free minute I can hanging out with you. That—and your unwillingness to take nice long naps—puts a damper on my letter writing time.

26 weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks (with guest appearance by Hip O.)

A major growth spurt—both mentally & physically—has occurred for you over the past several weeks. Around 23 weeks, I started making a list of things you had experienced. Here are a few of the things we've seen and done with you:

Blowing raspberries (zerberts) on my arm sitting in the yard.
Blowing raspberries at me with your little tongue sticking out.
Just sticking out your tongue in general.
Grunting and screaming like Godzilla.
Understanding cause & effect (9.2) by trying to turn rainforest "tv" on.
Sitting up unassisted like a big guy.
Giving kisses—big, open-mouthed, drool-filled, on my cheek
Laughing uncontrollably.
Crawling! (week of 9.20)
Saying "mama"
"waving" goodbye

This is by no means a complete list. In reality it all happened several weeks ago and I just never got back to adding to it. You've done so much more. It's like you woke up one morning and thought to yourself, "I am really digging this world I live in and I think I'd like to explore every inch of it. Right.Now. You crawl and sit like a champ. If you're on the floor and you see something you want—look out—in approximately 15 seconds you'll be across the room and honing in on your target.

One thing in particular that you are fascinated by is the toe kick that separates the kitchen and the dining room. Something about the gold phillips head screws inset into the thick natural woods captivates you. I could wash an entire sink full of dishes with you sprawled out on your belly several feet away inspecting that minute architectural detail like it was lost treasure.

How did they get that screw in there?

This past month has been a whirlwind for you. We do so much exploring that the ordinary is becoming fascinating again to me. When you get mesmerized by a sight or sound that I've been desensitized too I ponder how that must be for you. To experience something—like the sound of water swishing in a bottle—for what might be the first conscious time in your life. It's very cool.

Getting a book.

Reading with Mommy.

You are really smart and have a personality that is often lacking in the world. You are nothing if not the cutest, most charming and well-behaved baby I have ever met. That seems to be the consensus. The ladies at Weight Watchers adore you and tell me on a weekly basis how fabulous you are. It never gets old. You flirt with your eyes and that is going to cause me much unrest in the future. I hope I'll be able to teach you to wink someday. That will really knock 'em dead.

Every day gets better with you. That's saying a lot since there has never really been a bad day with you. You've been a dream since day one and I love you more and more as the weeks and months go by. You are my little monkey. My peanut. My sweet potato. My Baby Gideon and I'm so glad you are in my life.


Apple picking at MacQueens Orchard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

growing up—25 weeks

growing up—24 weeks (I spy a monkey)

Who is that I see peaking over the arm rest?

Hey I know you!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

growing up—22 & 23 weeks (the 5 month edition)

Dear Gideon,
Friday, August 24th, you turned 5 months old. It still amazes me that you have been in this world for 23 weeks already. I can't imagine a day without you.

22 weeks

It seems like each day you accomplish another milestone.

You've become so curious about EVERYTHING and it makes me want to explore the mundane and the everyday right along with you. Who knew that a brassy wrapper from a peanut bar could be so enchanting? Or that a bottle of water with a blue label could cause enough interest to make you yank yourself off my nipple for a better view?

A few weeks ago you discovered your feet and then you realized you could put them in your mouth. That is hilarious. You aren't crawling yet, but you want to so bad. Always rolling onto your stomach and then up onto your palms. You'll be moving in no time. I just know it. Sitting in an upright position is getting easier for you. It's only for a few seconds at a time unassisted, but even that impresses me. For those other times we've got your Bumbo chair. We dig it.

You've eaten lots of different veggies already and we've been successful with almost all of them. Green beans, squash, carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes. You seem to like them all, but I'm not so sure about the sweet potatoes. I thought your eyes seemed a little puffy in the days that you ate them. I could be just paranoid and I'll give them to you once more to be sure. You've also eaten pears and bananas. The pears are super yummy but I think the bananas sucked. Not at all like the pudding-esque vision I had in my mind.

I still keep logs of all of your feedings. However, I've come a long way from the obsessive nature I exhibited in the early days. Long gone are the days when I wrote down not only when you started feeding, but how many minutes you ate for on each side. I haven't logged a wet or dirty diaper in months. Now it's just the start time, an L or an R in a circle, and what solids you ate.

You continue to enjoy the company of your dog headed blanket, "Buddy". Buddy is a menace but a telltale sign that your sleepy. When you start to get tired you'll rub the blanket part around your face. Then you'll fight us to not go to sleep until you can no longer keep an eye open.

We signed you up for a 5 week long Kindermusik class back at the end of July. Last Saturday day was our last class and it has been a fun, albeit bizarre experience. We learned lots of songs and little dances and movements to stimulate your brain and encourage the growth of your gross motor skills. The songs are silly and completely infectious which sometimes tortures my very soul when I can't shake the "Here we go my little one, let's go riding, riding, riding..." I'll spare you the rest but will now be singing it in my head for the next half hour or so.

23 weeks

Your hair is gorgeous and it along with those blue eyes convince me that I should exploit you as a baby model. "Oh look at his red hair! Where did he get the red hair from?" Is the most often repeated phrase around strangers or anybody that hasn't seen you in awhile. I think the latter is such a dumb question and I often feel compelled to answer the query with, "The sperm donor." Where do they think it comes from? It's mostly from your Dad's side—just look at that beard—but duh, it comes from the super genetic makeup you get from the two of us. Look at those chunky thighs, you get those from me for sure.

You continue to be incredibly awesome and if I tried to name all the ways you amaze me every day this would go on forever. Thank you for being everything you are, every minute of the day. I love you.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

growing up—21 weeks

The cuteness, it burns.

Friday, August 17, 2007

growing up—20 weeks (a photo montage)

This is the process we go through every week to get your picture with the monkey. It starts out simple, plop you into the glider with the monkey by your side.
You know the camera is there.
You find it very funny.
So funny in fact that you flail yourself down onto the chair. We pick you back up.
And you show the monkey who the boss is.
"I'll teach you monkey!"
" look tasty."

growing up—19 weeks

Thursday, August 02, 2007

growing up—18 weeks

I have so much to say about the fabulousness that is you. Not right now though. You're still sleeping from last night & I know any minute you'll be up to eat and play. I can't wait! More later on all your recent milestones.